Marine Terminal

Terminal Pavement Rehabilitation

As part of annual Marine Terminal maintenance, rehabilitation of asphalt surfaces is necessary to provide a safe working surface for Port users. Rehabilitation work is completed throughout the year on an as-needed basis when areas of failing pavement are identified and categorized.

Berth 1 Under Pier Evaluation & Repair

A recent examination and evaluation of berth one's structure for compatibility of the new mobile harbor crane indicated that the structures were deteriorating to the extent that many locations on berth one were deemed unsafe or unreliable for full utilization of mobile harbor crane operations.  Phase 1 of this work will fully identify the problems, solutions and estimated costs for bringing berth one up to full capability for which it was designed.  The phase 1 evaluation will also determine the urgency of addressing needed repairs and/or reconstruction.  Phase 2 of the project will complete the repairs identified in Phase 1.

Marine Terminal Stormwater Facility Improvements

In late 2014, the Port constructed, and put into operation, the Marine Terminal Stormwater Treatment Facility.  As operations of the facility continue, and overall efficiencies are monitored, there may be a need to enhance and/or upgrade components of the facility.  This project provides for a means of facility improvements, if warranted.

Administration Complex Demolition

Demolition of the existing administration campus and restoration as Marine Terminal cargo storage.
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